Wireless Invisible Fence

Need a wireless invisible fence? This may be just what you need to keep your dog contained without having to spend a wad of money on a buried wire fence or a regular wood or wire fence. We have searched everywhere to get you the best info and the best prices. (Oh, and by the way, we use this fence and love it!)

Take a look…

Best Wireless Fences

Havahart Custom Shape
Configure any shape
Up to 25 acre coverage
Use on two dogs
Four exclusion zones
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Petsafe Stay + Play
Smaller Size
Larger Area
Rechargeable Collars
Backward Compatable
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Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless Fence
THE Original Wireless
Uses Special Batteries
Adjustable Area
Cooper Uses This One!
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PetStreet Mall
Special Offers
FREE Batteries
FREE Pedipaws
Nail Trimmer
and more!!!

Be sure to click on TopDog above to get his opinion on each of these wireless dog fences.

If you are looking at the Havahart wireless dog fence, be sure to check Amazon.com AND the Havahart site to get the best price.

If you are interested in the Petsafe wireless dog fence, you will more than likely get the best deal at Amazon.com

No matter what, you need to check out the Petsafe wireless fence reviews and the Havahart wireless fence reviews to get some insight from owners who have used these products.


Petsafe Wireless Fence System

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