We have found the best deal on the Petsafe PIF-300 wireless dog fence!

While we normally recommend Amazon (and still do in a lot of cases), this is a great opportunity to grab the wireless pet fence we use at a SUPER discount at a top-notch online source!

The Amazon price is currently about $252 but at Petstreet Mall you can get the unit for $280!

Hey, wait a minute. Where’d you learn math from, Cooper? That’s $28 dollars more.

Here’s the difference – batteries! And more great bonuses. Free.
(I love Pet Street Mall.)

Let’s do the math: With the Pet Street Mall deal you get a dozen batteries free. $60 real value.
You’re already $32 dollars ahead.
Amazon unit $252
Batteries   $60
Total    $312
Compare to Pet Street at $280 – you save $32.00 And yes, you WILL need the batteries even though they last a long, long time.

That’s not all…

The Pet Street Deal includes a free PediPaws nail trimmer and a set of comfort contacts for the collar. (We use the comfort contacts – Cooper loves ‘em)

And (we love this one) FREE shipping.

You can’t beat this deal.
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So, why is there such a good deal on the PIF-300?
We not only love to find good deals for you, we also love to give you the whole scoop in the pet supply info department.

Here’s probably what’s going on.
Petsafe has come out with a new version:  the Stay + Play wireless dog fence. The main advantages are a little bit larger area, smaller base unit, and smaller rechargeable collars.

The new unit is backward compatible with the old one. New collars work with the old unit and the new base works with old collars. So, unless you just need the little bit of extra play space, I would take advantage of this deal. Fact is, we’re just keeping our old PIF-300 and will convert to new collars if the current ones wear out or get broken.

Here’s the decision. Grab the new Stay + Play (see reviews at Stay and Play Wireless Fence Reviews) at around $330 or save fifty bucks and get the older model with plenty of spare batteries and comfort contacts and a free PediPaw trimmer. Order the Wireless Fence Petsafe special from Pet Street Mall.

Petsafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence Review

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