The Petsafe Wireless Instant Fence Is Fantastic!
(Except For One Small Problem)

wirelessThe Petsafe Instant Fence (as it is sometimes called) is the perfect solution for our yard because a regular invisible fence requires a buried wire.  The door and driveway placement just made it impossible without a lot of extra expense. Those systems (in addition to their other drawbacks) are pretty expensive anyway.  The Petsafe wireless containment system saved the day for us! And we saved a bundle by purchasing the PetSafe PIF-300-11 Wireless Pet Containment System from Amazon.

So how does this thing work, anyway?



Place the broadcast unit in the house (or anyplace you have power) and it creates an electronic circle around it – up to 90′  (180′ diameter) for a total area of about half an acre. And you never have to bury a wire!

Place the electronic collar on your pet and with proper training your dog (or dogs) has an invisible wireless containment boundary that really works. And training is easy.  One really neat feature is the adjustable radius. While you can’t change the shape, you can change the size of the circle.

Setup is easy; plug the unit in, turn it on and select hi or low. (There are complete instructions and training tips with the unit.) Then set the boundary flags so your dog will have a visual reference.  Simply carry the collar toward the “invisible fence” and when it beeps, plant a flag.  Place the flags a few feet apart until you have the complete circle. Now, while wearing the collar, as your dog approaches the limit he/she will initially hear the tone. Wander a little further, and the harmless static correction gives your pet a shock. The collar is adjustable so you can give a tone only or varying degrees of static correction. Believe me, this is a LOT more humane than taking a chance on having your pet wander into traffic or run off and get lost.

Here’s a feature that is way better than regular invisible fences. If your dog goes outside the boundary, the correction continues until he returns. There is a failsafe that shuts it off after 20 seconds so he won’t continue to receive the shock should training be incomplete and he doesn’t come back into the safe area. So, if your dog is in the allowed area – no shock.  If he is outside the area and gets the correction (read, incentive to return) he will get relief by getting back where he belongs. Compare this to buried wire fences that will zap your dog when he tries to return to where he belongs!

Yes, we use this system. And we live on a VERY busy street. And yes, we let Cooper and Stella outside with their collars on while we are in the house. (Note: never leave your dog unattended. We watch them out the window)



pawprint Tone then static correction

pawprint No need to bury wire like invisible fence type systems

pawprint Easy setup – a few simple steps and you’re ready to train

pawprint Covers up to 1/2 acre with adjustable circle (180 foot diameter)

pawprint Five adjustable levels of correction plus tone-only mode

These Amazon users had these comments:

As close to perfect as a wireless system can be!

Although I wouldn’t consider our adopted 90 lb. male Weimaraner a wus, he isn’t the Alpha dog either. The training aids were good and he quickly learned how far he could go on static shock level 4. He has since become so accustomed to our established boundaries that we have lowered it to level 2…

The only disadvantage we found – and it is minor – is that if your home sits higher (or lower??) than part of your yard it will add few extra feet to your radius until the collar picks up the signal. This can be overcome if you build this allowance into your transmitters placement. Overall, we are thrilled

Fantastic, especially for determined dogs (4 years now!)
We had Houdini-dog. We tried everything: tie-outs, runs, kennels, garage lock-down.
…no matter what we tried, it was just a matter if time before Max was on the loose again.
Then we got this little beauty. In 4 years we have had a problem twice – once when the battery went dead (I now put it on my calendar to change every 6 weeks) and once when his old collar started to come apart and just needed replacing from plain old hard use.

Works great, but does have flaws
Now for a few cons. The batteries are pretty expensive. I think they go for around 8 bucks for two here on Amazon. I found I have to change the battery on each collar every 2-3 months on average.
The boundary also seems to fluctuate quite a bit. When I set the flags up to coincide with when the collar would beep, I found it changed … After your dog understands that when the collar beeps to turn around it isn’t a huge deal but I still prefer consistency.


pawprint If yard is not level may not have perfect circle

pawprint Uses special battery (available on Amazon – pretty reasonable)

pawprint Other electrical signals or metal may interfere

Petsafe Wireless Fence Review – Personal Experience

The Petsafe Wireless Fencing System is the perfect containment system for us. We trust it to keep our pets inside their “safe zone”  and keep in mind, we live on a very busy road. As much as I hate to admit it, we got a bit lax because the system works so good.  Cooper wouldn’t go outside his area, even with no flags. So we let him out without his collar. That’s when he was seen across the street smelling the flowers. He had obviously chased a rabbit or squirrel over there.

Moral of the story:
Pets always need to wear their collars.
Training is as important as the technology. (But the technology is SUPER!)

The Petsafe Wireless Pet Fence comes complete with transmitter, collar receiver,  flags, and training instructions.
152 of 198 Amazon ratings are 4 or 5 star
Ranked #2 in category (batteries for this unit are #1)
This product gets an A+ rating based on personal experience.

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PetSafe PIF-275-19 Extra Wireless Fence Receiver

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