dogpullingleashAnother behavioral problem that dogs have starting from their puppy days is pulling and tugging on a leash. This is another one that can be started and encouraged by dog owners. When you play games with the dog, such as tug of war, it makes the dog feel like they can continue to do the pull and tugging bit. This can start a bad habit that can be difficult to break.

If you have a body harness, it can be used when you are training your dog not to pull and tug. It can also be used when you have to retrain your dog to stop pulling and tugging. Work with the dog so that they can accept and use the harness the same way it would use a collar on their neck.

If you are walking the dog, get a toy for them so that you can make them stay at your side. Treats can be used also but you have to make sure they only get a treat if they walk beside you. Continue to use the command heel and praise your dog when he gets it right. You can also use a training collar. This collar can be used if you are having problems training them not to pull and tug. Prong collars work well to keep the dog from pulling hard. And if the dog slowly gets ahead of you a quick gentle pop, accompanied by the command can get your dog back in proper position. Head collars, or “Halti” type collars work well too but you must be very careful not to hurt your dog’s neck when using this type of collar. Learn About Different Types of Dog Training Collars.

Regardless of which one you use, make sure that it fits correctly. It’s important that it’s not too big or too tight for them. A training collar should never, ever, injure a dog.

Loose Leash Dog WalkingAs you are walking with your dog, the leash should remain loose. If they pull ahead of you, change directions so that they will end up behind you. This should be done before it gets to the end of the leash. Do not allow the puppy or dog to pull you. While they are still young, they need to learn how to walk the right way.

As they get older and larger, it’s crucial that they are walking correctly. As you are correct him, do not yank or pull on their neck. Just make a gentle movement and they will respond. Using too much force can cause the dog to become agitated.

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