I ran across a post by Gina Spadafori over at PetConnection.com and it really hits home about the proper use of training collars. E-collars are a tool used in the training of your dog. Used properly, they are a marvelous tool. Here’s a couple of things  Gina had to say:



No, I’m not training Faith with an e-collar. It’s there to remind her of what she knows, if she needs to be reminded.  She knows “here” perfectly well, and responds to it 99.99 percent of the time. But when we’re on the bridle trail, that’s not good enough. A failure to come when called .01 percent of the time on a bridle trail that’s 500 yards from a street could be deadly.

…But then, see, I am one of those people who believes an e-collar is a tool, not an instrument of torture

…I also believe that someone who uses a head halter and a reel-type leash — which I see all the freakin’ time and no one ever says a thing — is putting a dog at more risk of pain or injury than I ever have or ever will. Tools used incorrectly are dangerous, no matter now well-intentioned their design or intended use.

Read the whole post at http://www.petconnection.com/blog/2011/09/03/whats-your-favorite-post-of-all-time-also-the-e-collar-conundrum/comment-page-1/#comment-511979

Bottom line:
Train your dog! Use ALL training aids properly and safely!

Whew – glad I got that off my chest.

Dog Training Collars

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