OK, you have decided to use a dog training collar. Where do you start? Well, first you need to read the directions! That’s obvious but a lot of  people blast right past that. Petsafe training collars have really good  tips and instructions so you should take advantage of that.

But here’s a tip that will make a big difference.

dogwhatWhen you first start training with a correction collar, do a few “dry runs”. Simply put the collar on your dog without batteries installed and let him/her see the remote in your hand. Then push the button. Obviously nothing will happen since there are no batteries installed. That’s the key. Your dog will see that you:
A. Put the collar on him and
B. Do something with the remote and
C. Nothing happens.

That’s important. There is no association with the collar and the remote with tone or static correction. Since you have put the collar on numerous times and fiddled with the remote your dog has no reason to be concerned with those things.  You could even go for walks holding the remote. Where your dog is concerned , the remote can be as common as you putting your hat on.

Our dogs actually like having us put a collar on them because many times it means we are going for a ride. (That’s because we used to always put their prong collars on before a road trip.)  Stella will bow when we get any collar down, waiting for us to put the collar on her.

dogstretchIf you want to teach you dog to bow, just say “bow” when they are naturally doing it – stretching with front legs out and behind up in the air. Praise them for a good bow. After a while they will do it on command.


You are now the “stealth trainer”, with the secret to activating the training collar without your dog knowing where the correction is coming from… other than your command. Now, your dog associates the correction, tone or static, with disobeying a command – not with wearing the collar or seeing the remote in your hand.


Dog Training Collars

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