Puppies and Little Girls Love KissesSo how do you know which dog training collar is right for you?

First, it’s important that you love your dog. OK, it should go without saying, but nevertheless it is important to start with that foundation. Training your dog is not just something you do for your own comfort. A well behaved dog is more relaxed and proper training is for your dog as much as it is for you. You both want to be happy, right?

We’ll help you find the right collar for your situation.

Determine the purpose of your training collar, the temperament of your dog,  and properly adjust your temperament and then you can begin to compare collars to see which is best for your K9 friend.

So browse through the site and begin to figure out which training aid is right for you. We will show you the brands, the types, our opinion and reviews of training collars, as well as real life success stories. (And some disaster stories too!)

We review the best and worst of pet training collars so you can make an intelligent choice that’s best for training your dog.

Check out Types of Dog Training Collars for an overview of collars that might work for your dog.

Dog Training Collar Reviews

Petsafe Electronic Dog Training collarPetSafe Deluxe Big-Dog Trainer

♦Top Rated Training Collar Works Extremely Well
♦Great Customer Support
♦See review for drawbacks (minor)




Petsafe PDT00-10603 Yard-and-Park Remote Trainer

♦Great Outdoor Trainier
♦400 Yard Range
♦Respected Name Brand
♦Fantastic Customer Reviews


innotek2dogInnotek Ultrasmart Remote Trainer, 300 Yard Range, 2 Dogs

♦Single Remote Control for Two Dogs
♦300 yard Range
♦High Ratings From Users
See Amazon Reviews


Innotek Ultrasmart Remote Trainerinnotekultrasmart

♦ Slim design
♦ Convenient Recharge Dock
♦ Backlit LCD digital display
♦ ReadyTest ensures correct collar fit and battery and system status
This dog training collar has great reviews!


Petsafe Deluxe Little Dog Remote Trainer
for Pets Under 40 Pounds


♦ Range up to 100 yards for dogs under 40 pounds
♦ Option for negative tone with or without correction
♦10 easily adjustable levels of stimulation
♦ Great inexpensive trainer


♦Compare to the Venture Series Remote for Small Dogs before you make your final decision.

UPDATE Since our original review, the Venture Series collar has had some not-so-good customer experiences. Although a little clunky, the original series has proven to be a very effective collar. Fact is, your dog won’t know it’s clunky and will respond positively to the Deluxe trainer.