coopernbrenTraining a high-spirited dog can be a challenge without the proper tools such as good treats and a properly used dog training collar. Even when he (she) is as sweet as ol’ Cooper here, sometimes it pays to have a little extra help from one of the electronic dog training collars or a prong collar. We found the perfect collar to help us help him.

Initially I did not want to use one of these pet training collars.

I thought it would be cruel, dangerous, and/or harmful to my dog. Then I saw first hand how my dog was injuring himself pulling on a choke collar. And our trainers (George and Ace, great guys) taught us the truth about how the best dog training collars can actually be a lot more humane than other training tools or methods. Believe me – Cooper is a lot happier, more well behaved, and better adjusted, and it’s a real blessing for us.

So, join us here as we dig into the pros and cons of using a training collar and see real life examples as well as look at honest dog training collars reviews. And we would love to hear from you to find out how your experiences can help us train our dogs. It would be a help to everybody as we all work toward having well behaved, happy pets.


Top Dog (Cooper) and his Mom and Dad

Types of Training Collars

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