Where do I go to get the best product and best price when I’m ordering stuff for my dogs? Well, it really depends (OK – there’s a better answer coming – hold on).

Generally speaking, you need to order different kinds of products from different places. Flea medication could come from 1800petmeds. Treats and such could come from Pet Street mall. If you are ordering a number of things, you may want to get them all from the same place, even if some individual prices are a little higher, to save on shipping. You just have to put a sharp pencil to it.

If you are ordering a dog training collar, I have found there is one place that beats the others hands-down. In fact, this place is where I order ALL kinds of stuff. And if you are an online shopper, you probably do to.

Of course, I’m talking about Amazon.com. People all over the country (actually the world) have come to trust Amazon because they really take care of business: great shipping deals, no hassle returns, great prices, etc. Plus, I can get input from other purchasers on individual products. The reviews give me great insight into how a product really works.

Even with Amazon, I’m careful about orders and order sizes – sometimes shipping can make a big difference. For example, when I order training collar batteries I try to combine it with other things I’m ordering to save on shipping. If that’s all I need, it might be just as economical to run down to Petco and grab them. (Cooper and Stella love to go shopping there anyway).

One alternative to save on shipping is to join Amazon Prime. It costs $79 but if you order a lot of stuff you could save that pretty quickly. It gives you unlimited free 2-day shipping and $3.99 next day shipping  privileges with no minimum order size. I guess I need to look at my order habits and take a sharp pencil to that! Oh, almost forgot – members apparently now get unlimited instant streaming of thousands of tv shows and movies.

So, what’s the bottom line? I choose Amazon but that doesn’t keep me from shopping around. That’s what I love about the interweb – I can shop a bunch of different places really fast and don’t use a drop of gas!

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