littledogtrainerWhile searching for a solution to our dog  Sam’s refusal to cooperate with any of our commands a friend recommended the Petsafe PDLDT-305 Deluxe Little-Dog Remote Trainer for Pets under 40 Pounds. He also had a dog that he had regularly had problems with when it came to obeying. Our Sam was so out of control, it was virtually impossible to walk him. He would go full-tilt pulling whoever was at the other end of his leash mercilessly.

Training Made Easy

The advice to use a humane training collar was the turning point in Sam’s behavior. The dog training remote collar worked wonders. With the use of this collar, Sam began to pay attention to commands and walking him became a fun experience. No longer was it the workout he had made it previously. The small dog training collar was the perfect size for him and with the range of up to 100 yards; it was easy to train him at home or in the park across the street.

littledogpkgThis pet safe little dog trainer has ten stimulation levels and can be changed very easily. The use of just enough to make him pay attention is all that is needed. The manual that came with the collar was so helpful. It was actually written by professionals. Training dogs at the Triple Crown Dog Academy, they are dedicated to making sure dog owners understand the proper way of training. The collar is a beneficial method – not a cruel one.

When reading training collar reviews you may see many that are not in favor of using these collars. The truth is they can be misused, but that is entirely up to the person using the collar. The dog electric shock collar is not intended to be cruel. It is merely an aid that if used properly can be quite beneficial. The stimulation needs only be enough to get his attention and the results are so amazing that Sam turned into a joy to train.

The transmitter has negative tone with correction and positive tone without correction that can be used to teach the dog what is accepted behavior. Weighing only 3 ½ ounces, it is water resistant and uses a 9 volt battery. The receiver is a mere 2 ounces and uses 3 volt batteries that are included. It is waterproof so there is no problem if your dog likes to take a dip now and then.

littledogcollarThe pet safe little dog trainer has even been used by professionals as a training aid. It is so effective that no matter what type of problem you are having with your dog; it can be corrected using this collar.

When searching for the right product to help you train your dog, the Petsafe PDLDT-305 Deluxe Little-Dog Remote Trainer for Pets under 40 Pounds is one of the best choices you will find. If you are at your wit’s end trying to find a way to get your dog to listen and learn basic behavior commands, try the pet safe little dog training collar and you will soon see the benefits it provides.
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Little Dog Training Collar Customer Reviews

Mixed Reviews on This One
Compare to Petsafe Venture Series Remote For Little Dogs


As a animal lover I was really torn about the idea of a “shock” collar. What sold me was that this one could be set low and could also be used with a “beep”. It only took him three times before he got it. The first time he left the yard I called him, he did the typical “Ha-yeah right”, and took off! I gave him the command “Come Cosmo!” and then zapped him. He did yelp, I won’t lie:-( He stopped and started to take off again, I repeated. He came running to me. I praised him and gave him treats. Next time I “beeped” him first with the command, followed by a second beep (still didn’t come) then a zap, then he came…more praise. Last time I just “beeped” him and he came instantly!!. Now he wears it and we don’t even have it turned on!

Worked Well But Broke

This collar worked well for our dog for several months, but then the wire antenna inside the collar broke off where it attaches to the receiver. We tried soldering it back on, but it broke again. It is just a bad design, not meant to last. it only works within about 10 feet without the antenna, and our dog figured this out.

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pawprint Range of up to 100 yards for dogs under 40 pounds
pawprint Option for negative tone with or without correction
pawprint 10 easily adjustable levels of stimulation

For an inexpesive training collar for your small dog, this is probably the best choice. But if you can afford a few more bucks, order the new Venture Series Remote for Small Dogs.

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