If you are experiencing what I went through with my dogs, you definitely need to listen to what I am about to tell you. My two golden retrievers were constantly misbehaving and would not listen to any of the commands I had tried hopelessly to teach them. They were totally in control – of me. What changed them to the well behaved dogs they are today?

The Innotek Ultrasmart Remote Trainer, 300 Yards, 2 Dogs system.

innotek2dogThis 2 dog training collar was responsible for saving my sanity and that of the rest of the family as well. This system allows the dogs to be corrected up to 300 yards away with either an electronic stimulus or a warning tone. The Ready Test feature allows you to know the collar is on correctly and fits dogs with a neck measuring from 8 inches to 24 inches.

The system is recommended for dogs 6 months old and older. The use of a longer leash is the best idea when beginning training with the Innotek 2 dog system. This will allow you to ensure your dogs are safe while learning the commands.

What are the Features of the Innotek Remote Trainer?

The Innotek ultrasmart 2 dog system has a transmitter that will fit easily in your pocket. Although it may seem small, it is quite effective. The receiver is 2 ¾ inches x ¾ inches x 1 ¼ inches. The transmitter is 1 ¾ inches x ¾ inches x 4 1/8 inches. The Innotek 2 dog has a limited lifetime warranty. The range is a generous 300 yards and the training system has nine levels of stimulation as well as the option of using only the tone for training.

An instruction manual is included to allow you to use the 2 dog training collar correctly. Included are rechargeable lithium ion batteries which recover quickly charging in approximately 2 hours. This system has the features of the IUT-300; however this system works with 2 dogs. It’s convenient to have a single remote that controls both collars.

What are Customers Who Bought this System Saying?

“This works as advertised. We were hesitant to use this but while researching and talking to others we realized it was the right solution. After 2 days of only using the number 1 setting and the number 2 setting once or twice it now works with only the tone. The dogs no longer bark at the fence, dig, or stray. We did remove the smaller contacts and replace it with the larger after the first day. We also tried them on our arms and it wasn’t painful.”

Another consumer who purchased the Innotek Ultrasmart 2 dog training system said:

“This product has literally changed my perception of our dogs. I’ll admit – I wasn’t a great dog trainer, and I wasn’t comfortable taking them outside, because they would run. Now we have lots of fun outside – they like me more, I like them more, and they get lots more exercise.”

The Ratings

The Innotek Ultrasmart Remote Trainer, 300 Yards, 2 Dogs received 4  stars out of a possible 5 stars. If you are looking for a humane way of teaching your dogs the basic commands and putting a stop to their uncontrollable behavior, you should try the Innotek remote trainer.

The collar provides a comfortable fit for your dogs. In addition, the dog quickly learns that the stimulation can be stopped by simply minding. This teaches them to respond when you call or issue a command. Used properly this is a perfectly safe method of getting your dogs to respond.

(Guest Review)

Pros and Cons of this Training Collar

pawprint Sleek collar design – not a box on a standard collar

pawprint Rechargeable collar – VERY nice feature

pawprint Single remote for two dog collar control

pawprint Handheld remote NOT rechargeable (but not really that big of a deal)

pawprint 300 yard range

Before ordering, read the reviews on  Amazon to get a good idea of how this training collar works. 

Reviews of Innotek Remote Trainer for 2 Dogs

Innotek Ultrasmart Remote Trainer

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