Dog Bark Collars

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Don’t automatically rule out the use of dog bark collars. When you have a dog that continually barks, not only is he getting on your nerves, but those of your neighbors as well. How do you handle this situation? The use of dog bark collars are one way of training your dog so he does not become the neighborhood nuisance. There are different types of collars that can be used to train your dog that barking for no apparent reason is not acceptable.

Only one collar we found has all three factors that make for a safe, effective dog barking solution. Look at these Bark Control Product Features before you order any collar. Your dog (and neighbors!) will thank you.

Barking Dog Collars

Anti-bark collars achieve two training objectives at once. Number one, they decrease the time it takes to train your dog. Number two, they promote the good behavior you want in your dog. If you choose the dog bark collar that delivers a shock to your dog when he barks, there are
many who say this is the best way to stop nuisance barking. There are different ones available with various levels of static shock. Try one of these on yourself and see what you think if you are worried about the collar. Put it on your arm or leg and test the levels. This is a great way of letting you know what each level will feel like to your dog.

dog bark collarsHow Do They Work?

The best anti-bark collar works by using a dual-detection method. The sound of your dog barking and the vibration of his vocal chords are matched which triggers the static shock. This is used to ensure that the collar is not triggered by another noise in the vicinity. Your dog will not receive a static shock if he did not bark.

They promote good behavior by tracking how many times the collar is activated in order to get the dog to reduce the number of times he barks. In addition, the number of times it takes him to stop barking completely is tracked. Most of these anti-bark collars have ten levels. When the dog barks the lowest level is activated. If he does not stop then the collar continues to the level it takes to make him stop.

When he does not bark again for 30 seconds, the collar resets itself to the lowest level. However, if he continues to bark – say 15 times within a minute and a half – the collar will turn itself off. It will remain off for about 3 minutes as a safety feature for your dog.

There are many types of collars used to stop your dog from barking. Some are considered more humane than others. The right collar is always used responsibly. The collar also has to be the right size for the dog. They are available for larger breeds of dogs as well as small dogs and for dogs with short hair and longer hair.

Other No-Bark Collars

Another type of no-bark collar works similarly to the static shock anti-bark collar. However, this collar uses a spray of lemon or citronella  to stop the dog from barking. The sound of the barking
activates the collar and causes the discharge, which tells the dog this is not acceptable. Other types that work differently. Some will emit a series of beeps that serves as a warning. When they are ignored the collar will send the static shock to the dog and can be adjusted to a short shock or a long shock.

There are also some that deliver a beep and a command from you. The collar actually allows you to record a command that will be played when the dog barks. These are easy to record – all you have to do is put in a strong NO – and the dog will learn to associate the command with his barking.

Training with Dog Bark Collars

The barking dog collars are used for training only. They should not be left on the dog for long periods of time. Think about when your dog barks the most, put the collar on him during this time and then take it off and give him a break. This type of collar should never be left on the dog for more than 12 hours.

Keep in mind when you have play time with your dog, he should not wear the collar. A no bark collar is very effective for stopping nuisance barking if used correctly. The key lies in the trainer, not the collar. Use it responsibly and you will have a well behaved dog that is not a nuisance to you or your neighbors. Dog bark collars can make a major difference for you and your pets.

Normally, we would have a number of dog bark collars for you to choose from at this point based on your needs and the collar that best fits those needs. However, we can only recommend one dog bark collar because of the way it works. The SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark 10R Bark Control Collar has every critical feature:

  • Three training modes each require bark and vibration to activate the collar.
  • Automatic shutoff feature eliminates risk of overcorrection
  • Long-life rechargeable battery with charger
  • Increasing shock level begins from the lowest level when your dog starts barking and then escalates eight levels until the dog stops!!!

I directly compared (the Sportdog Bark Control Collar) to the Tritonics and the Remington, both of which worked fine. The Sportdog was rechargeable which is what ultimately sold us and it had more different ways of programming the collar for the ultimate in flexibility.

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