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Wireless Invisible Fence

Wireless Invisible Fence

Need a wireless invisible fence? This may be just what you need to keep your dog contained without having to spend a wad of money on a buried wire fence or a regular wood or wire fence. We have searched everywhere to get you the best info and the best prices. (Oh, and by the way, we use this fence and love it!)

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Best Wireless Fences

Havahart Custom Shape
Configure any shape
Up to 25 acre coverage
Use on two dogs
Four exclusion zones
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Petsafe Stay + Play
Smaller Size
Larger Area
Rechargeable Collars
Backward Compatable
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Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless Fence
THE Original Wireless
Uses Special Batteries
Adjustable Area
Cooper Uses This One!
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PetStreet Mall
Special Offers
FREE Batteries
FREE Pedipaws
Nail Trimmer
and more!!!

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If you are interested in the Petsafe wireless dog fence, you will more than likely get the best deal at Amazon.com

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Petsafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence Review

Petsafe Wireless Fence Reviews

Stay + Play PIF00-12917



The Petsafe Stay + Play wireless dog fence is the new and improved version of the classic Petsafe PIF-300 wireless fence (which incidentally was the first ever wireless pet fence). The new model is smaller and sleek which is certainly welcome. But the main improvement is in the collars – they are rechargeable and don’t require the special batteries that are necessary for the older model. Additionally, the new equipment (base unit and collars) are compatible with the old system. Nice touch Petsafe!

Petsafe Stay and Play Transmitter

The new Petsafe wireless instant fence transmitter is considerably smaller than the old version. It’s about the size of a half-gallon bucket and is modern and sleek looking. The range is a bit bigger with a 105 ft. radius (vs. the old unit at 90 ft.) so your dog(s) get a bit more play area – about 3/4 acre. Like the old system, you can use more than one unit to overlap “circles” to make a larger containment area. You can’t do that with competing systems.

Also, there is an alarm that lets you know if there is a power failure which would obviously render the unit inoperable.

Stay and Play Rechargeable Collars

Thank goodness for the rechargeable collars that supersede the collars which require special proprietary batteries. The lithium ion battery is charged through a connection under the collar strap. A complete charge takes about 3 hours but lasts for a couple of weeks. This is considerably better than the competition (Havahart and Perimeter systems collars keep a charge for about 3 days). However, the battery is integrated into the collar so it can’t be switched out. This shouldn’t be a problem though, as according to most Petsafe wireless fence reviews this type battery lasts a long while.

The old collars were water resistant but this new model is completely waterproof – a nice feature for water loving dogs! You will receive two sets of prongs; a long set for long haired dogs and a short set for dogs with short hair. These are easily changed out with the enclosed tool. The mode button is actually between the prongs and can be set to 5 levels of static correction or a tone only mode. A light on the collar unit tells you which mode it is set to. You will also get the testing tool which you hold against the collar prongs to see if the collar is working. As you cross the boundary, the internal light on the tool will light up to confirm the collar is working. Plus, you can test the location of your wireless dog fence boundary using this method. Another nice feature is the ability to change out the actual nylon collar itself if you want something nicer or a different color. Other Petsafe wireless fence reviews leave out a great feature – the collar LED lights indicate when the collar needs recharging. This is important!

Overall Score ———- Top Notch!
Great job Petsafe!

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Havahart Custom Shape Wireless Dog Fence

Custom Shape Wireless Electronic Dog Fence

havahartcustomshapewirelessdogfenceA custom shape wireless dog fence, really? How many times have I wished I could create an electronic boundary around my yard for the dogs – that matched the shape of the yard? Without burying a wire, that’s just a dream I thought. Well, now it’s a dream come true! The Custom-Shape Havahart Wireless Dog Fence is the world’s first digital wireless dog fence that can be customized to the contours of your property covering up to 500 feet in any direction. It can also create custom exclusion zones to keep your dog out of specific areas! It just doesn’t get any better than this!

This has got to be the world’s most advanced dog containment system. It has features that I couldn’t even think of and they come together to make the perfect electronic fencing product. Let’s take a look at come of the features…

pawprintThe size of the wireless “fence” can range from under a half acre up to 25 acres. (Sure beats my little circle!)

pawprintCreate up to 4 exclusion zones to keep your pet out of the pool or garden or anywhere.

pawprintCan be used on two dogs.

pawprintInstall with absolutely no digging or professional installation.

pawprintTone-only plus 5 static correction levels.

pawprintThe system can be reconfigured to any shape you want – at any time. (Unlike buried wire systems.)

pawprintIntegrated motion sensor saves battery life when your dog is not active.

pawprintAlerts you when your dog has breached the boundary.

custom shape wireless dog fence

Custom Shape Wireless Dog Fence

This system works by using the four base units (placed at the corners of your house) to keep track of your dog at all times. When he/she moves into the trigger zone, the collar is signaled to apply the correctoin you have programmed – tone or static. The correction cycle persists until the dog returns 10 feet back inside the roaming area or until the safety shut-off feature activates after 30 seconds. Unlike an underground wire fence, the Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence will not correct your dog for returning back into the Roaming Area.

havahartboundarySee Your Boundary Area
The Wireless Fence Tracker system actually lets you see the shape/location of your boundary area right on your computer. This internet based system is easy to use and helps test the location of your wireless fence boundary. This is an amazing system. Please note, this requires a windows based computer. Here’s the really cool part – you can see the shape of your fence, the location of the 4 bases, and you can actually see the location of your dog as he/she moves around the yard! Amazing!!!

OK, I can’t wait to try this out. In fact I just came in from playing outside with Coop and Stell; it’s so frustrating to play ball and know that Cooper can’t run full out because he runs into his boundary too quickly. With the Custom Shape Wireless system, we can expand the area to fit our playtime instead of adjusting our play to a predetermined circle. I just hope it works as well as advertised. I know I can’t go wrong because Havahart has a 30 return policy and if I order from Amazon, returns are a breeze.

I was a bit concerned because I couldn’t find many reviews – then realized this is a brand new product. So let me know how it works for you if you try it out. Thanks!

Oops, almost forgot. Training is THE most important part of any electronic dog fence installation. Havahart has an excellent training program for their fences. And you can check it out online for free! Havahart Wireless Fence Dog Training

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Havahart Custom Shape Wireless Dog Fence