I searched for the best electronic dog training collar and came up with a winner – even though I was a little bit unsure if I should even use it. Ultimately, the results made me realize we picked the best of the best dog training collars.The PetSafe PDBDT-305 Deluxe Big-Dog Trainer is a big winner in my book.

High Spirited Loving CooperSee, Cooper is just a high-spirited, fun loving kind of guy. The first time we took him for a walk I thought he would choke himself he was so excited to get going 9using a choke collar – aptly named). Next, we tried a Halti type collar (head collar) and it worked pretty well. But when we started going to a professional dog trainer he discouraged it due to the possibility of neck injury. We then used a pinch collar (or sometimes called a prong collar) and it was like something magical happened.

So, what does this have to do with a shock collar? We learned that quick, firm corrections are very effective. And this is a lot more humane to the dog than repeated ineffective punishment. The Petsafe correction collar was the perfect solution to bad behavior when not leashed.

Note: We believe that positive reinforcement is the best way to train. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, dogs naturally develop undesirable behaviors. They must be corrected not just for my convenience but for the dog’s safety. That is why, when positive methods don’t work, I am more than willing to use a prong collar or shock collar to get quick effective dog training results.

Also, I think it is a good idea to get professional dog training help to make sure your training methods are right for your particular dog and that the proper dog/master relationship is established.

OK, now that I’m off my soapbox, let’s look at the petsafe electronic training collar. This thing is great. Here are the features:

Petsafe Electronic Dog Training collarpawprint Remote trainer for dogs over 40 pounds – range of up to 100 yards
pawprint 10 easily adjustable levels of stimulation, from 250 volts to 7000 volts
pawprint Option for negative tone with or without correction
pawprint Low-battery indicator light; expanded training manual and batteries included
pawprint Transmitter measures 1 by 1-1/2 by 6 inches; receiver 1-1/4 by 2-1/2 by 1 inches; limited lifetime warranty
pawprint Waterproof  collar system – even while swimming
pawprint Full-featured training system comes with an expanded training manual written by the professional dog trainers at Triple Crown Dog Academy

Amazon Customer Reviews

Over 125 customer reviews confirm this is a great product. Yes there are some cons as well as pros but the overall opinion is positive for the Petsafe training collars. One complaint is the waterproof claim – some people had problems when the collar was exposed to lots of the wet stuff.

Sadly, I have a dog that enjoys the sprinkler system….and I found out that the collar was not waterproof…
I contacted PetSafe and braced myself for a fight… but was pleasantly surprised that they were both responsive and courteous…
The support employee on the phone immediately stated that he was not comfortable with trying to repair a unit that had been wet on the interior, and he immediately shipped a new unit with a return postage label for the broken unit.

You will find numerous stories of great customer service from PetSafe. They are a great example of a company that cares about people – and pets!

I was very hesitant to use a shock collar on my dog so I tried everything else I could think of to control his jumping, barking and general disobedience. I worked with him myself, hired a trainer, and purchased an audio and spray correction device but nothing worked.
After trying each stimulation setting on myself (even at level 10 it is not painful but it does command your attention), I adjusted the collar and placed it on my puppy. Saying that there was an almost instant change in his demeanor would be an understatement.
Within 2 days I only had to use the sound to correct him. And now, only a few weeks later, I don’t even need to turn the collar on. He is a pleasure and I know that this product is the reason for his change. Thank you Petsafe for this wonderful product.

My Overall Rating of the PetSafe PDBDT-305 Deluxe Big-Dog Trainer

I give this collar a solid A Grade of 97. This review is based on personal experience and I can vouch for the quality and workability of the product. While I don’t have personal experience with the product division of PetSafe (every Petsafe dog training product I have works great!) I do have experience with their company. See, we live in the city where Petsafe is headquartered. We take Cooper to PetSafe Village for grooming and daycamp. The people there are absolutely great. I can’t say enough for the great service and integrity of this company.

Bottom Line Opinion On The Petsafe Training Collar

You can’t lose. Period. The product works great and if for some reason it doesn’t work properly you have terrific customer service to back it up. Plus, if you just don’t like it, you can return it (when purchased from a dealer or Amazon).
Check out the PetSafe PDBDT-305 Deluxe Big-Dog Trainer

Well Behaved DogsWe’re sure glad we got one. Cooper is too!