innotekultrasmartA high tech device, the Innotek Ultrasmart Remote Trainer will allow you the same benefits found in trainers that are much larger. This is a small unit but that means nothing when it comes to the training it provides for your dog.

The Innotek dog collar is just as effective as larger collars even though it is incredibly thin. The Innotek ultra smart remote trainer, 300 yard range is the right tool for training your pet. Even if your dog is incredibly stubborn and runs off every time you take him to the park for exercise, all you have to do is get him within sight and within about 300 yards and he will learn to mind.

Our dog, Jack, was the terror of the neighborhood. If he was not barking or whining, he was getting out and chasing the mailman, jumping on everyone who came into the yard and generally being a nuisance. Now he is the best-behaved dog on the block. All it took was a little training using the Innotek remote trainer and he has turned into the obedient dog we knew he could be in a short period of time.

What are the Features of the Innotek Dog Training Collar?

The remote for the trainer is so small that it can be held in your hand. The receiver is only 2 ¾ inches x ¾ inches x 1 ¼ inches. The transmitter is 1 ¾ inches x ¾ inches x 4 1/8 inches. There is in addition a backlit LCD display and the collar will fit necks from 8 inches to 24 inches. The Ready Test feature is available to make sure the collar is the correct fit. Included with the system is a limited lifetime warranty. Nine levels of stimulation are possible using this Innotek ultrasmart collar.

innotekpkgWhat are Others Saying About the Innotek Training Collar?

Those who have purchased the Innotek dog collar have given reviews that are quite positive in response to their use of the collar. One purchaser said:

“We have been very happy with our purchase. Our dog has responded quickly and loves the freedom she has when we are out in the yard. The battery life is great and has made it so easy to train our 9 month old puppy.”

Another said:

“This is a very useful product that I would recommend to anyone. Our dog ACTUALLY listens now because of this trainer.”


The average rating for this product by users was 4 ½ stars out of 5 possible. As a tool for teaching your dog how to obey commands, the Innotek training collar is all one piece. Unlike other collars there is not a box that dangles from the collar. This waterproof collar even allows your dog to swim.

The collar works with a remote. You do not have to turn it off or on manually. The manual that comes with the Innotek remote trainer should be read carefully. This will allow you to use the collar and remote the way they were intended. If used properly this is a very beneficial training aid for your dog.

(Guest Review)

Reviewer Has Complaint

I have been happy with the Innotech remote training collar. My 9 mo old golden retrieve seems to be responding to it well. My primarily complaint is that the remote isn’t rechargable like the collar is. The battery door on the remote isn’t the friendliest design. I have already managed to break the tabs on it while changing the battery. The screw still holds the cover on; however, the remote can now no longer be considered very “waterproof”.

Effective for Husky Chow Mix

My other dog, a large Huskey-Chow mix, respects his trainer in every way, but not me (I’m a small woman). One jerk or pull & I can be down. Generally, he obeys sit, down, stay, etc. But, being part Husky, he wants to run. He is all about hunting & moving forward. It is the nature of the breed.

I had expected the collar to be very effective on the small dog & not so effective on this dog because of his thick fur & his size. Instead, the collar has been very effective with this dog.

Best Training Collar By Far

The Innotek ULTRASMART training collar works like a charm.

Training Collar Features

pawprint Rechargeable with convenient dock – no purchase of expensive batteries

pawprint Pocket-sized handheld remote

pawprint 300-yard range; 9 stimulation levels; tone-only training option


Sleek collar design – not a box on a standard collar

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